The Late Shift

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With a stack of bills in one hand and a phone in the other, Andrea decides to talk her way out of debt in the dirtiest way possible—just as long as no one finds out. But when her erotic moonlighting intersects with her day job, will she end up revealing her sexy secret and acting out her fantasies?

Warning: The Late Shift (33,000 words) contains provocative personas, titillating training, and the most erotic of customer relations.


“Do you want me to throw your clients’ papers all over the street?”

“Probably not.”

“Then put your briefcase down now,” I said with force.

“Yes, Marjorie.”

“That’s more like it. Now you move up closer to me until you’re standing in between my legs. You keep stroking my wet pussy and making her purr. She’s enjoying the feeling of all of your fingers all over her.”

“She feels good.”

“She tastes good too. Want some?”

“I do.”

“Good. I want to hear about how much you want her.”

“I slowly unbutton your, I mean my, shirt. With every button, I see a little bit more of you and I get harder thinking about seeing your entire naked body. I expose your tits and they’re nice and perky. Your nipples suddenly get hard in the cold, morning air. I continue unbuttoning the shirt slowly and when I’m done, it falls on the ground. I wonder whether or not it would blow away and down the street if there was a strong breeze.”

“I’m not worried,” I laughed. “In fact, that would be pretty hot.”

“It would,” he said, sounding like he was running the whole scenario through his mind as we spoke. I did too. And I was becoming every bit as excited as he was. He started laughing with me. “I’m sorry, but the idea of a beautiful naked woman on top of my car with my shirt rolling down the street is funny to me. I don’t mean to ruin the mood.”

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