Captivating Connections

A late night jog through a cemetery. A stray cell phone. A handsome stranger that seems to materialize out of nowhere, only to disappear. Are any of these things related to the odd and frightening experiences Paige has been having lately? She doesn’t know, but when feelings of desire seem to possess her, it doesn’t matter.

Warning: Captivating Connections (12,400 words) contains cemetery seductions, restaurant rendezvous, and lusty light shows.


“What took you so long?” he asked indignantly.


In my mind, I had a lot to say, but somehow my mouth flat out refused to cooperate. Which was probably what he intended all along. Without notice, he pushed me up against the wall and rammed his tongue into my still half-open mouth. I could smell his cologne, taste the wine he’d been drinking as he surveilled me. It was all a sweet seduction I couldn’t ignore, couldn’t resist. I found myself wrapping my arms around his waist and enjoying the feeling of his strong form up against me. In that moment, I was positive that he had to be the shadowy figure that made love to me—or was it my doppelganger in the mirror?—that morning. He was also most likely the same man I kept seeing during my cemetery runs.

You’d be surprised by all the things that can run through your mind during a moment like this, and how they can all be wiped away in an instant with the right orchestrated touch. As we continued kissing passionately—our tongues doing a familiar dance with each other although they’d just been introduced—he started to unbutton my blouse with one hand and explore what was underneath it with the other. He didn’t waste any time reaching around to unhook my bra, leaving me no choice but to maneuver my body until my blouse and bra were lying on the floor next to us.

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