Release Date

Rose started writing to a prisoner thinking she was just doing a good deed. But when she falls head first into a sexy phone relationship, her passions run high and culminate into a daring Easter Sunday plot.

Warning: Release Date (22,600 words) contains sexy sacrilege, moan-worthy missives, and passionate plots.


I put the phone between my legs and started sticking my fingers in and out of me. I tried to make it as loud as I could, to make sure he could hear all of the squishy, wet goodness going on down there. I swayed my hips back and forth against my fingers and really started to feel it. What began as just a performance for James was turning into a hot fantasy for me. But I also had to make sure he was enjoying himself, so I put my desire on pause to get his feedback.

“Did you hear that, James?” I asked, longing for his long-distance approval.

“Yeah, that’s hot. Did you come?”


“I want to hear you come. Keep playing with yourself and talk to me.”

I’m sure it’s clear to you by now that I was going to do exactly what James told me to do. I laid on my side with my fingers nestled between my legs. I carefully placed the phone on my pillow and pressed my face against it, mindful that if I accidentally hung up on him, he would be upset.

“Okay. I’m touching myself for you, James.”

“Tell me about it.”

“I’m lying on the bed on my side and I have my fingers resting between my legs. I’m thinking of you down there, licking me and sucking my clit.”

“Oh, yeah…go on.”

“I’m rubbing my fingers against my clit. I’m so wet right now.”

“Lick your wet fingers for me.”


“How do you taste?”

“I taste good.”

“I wish I could get some of that sweet, sweet pussy. Now stick your fingers deep inside for me, baby.”

“I have two of my fingers inside of me and I’m rocking my hips back and forth against them.”

“Go in deeper, baby. Go in faster.”

“Oh, God, that feels good,” I began to moan softly in his ear, feeling waves of pleasure and guilt run through me. I was sure no one at church had this in mind when they said to give of myself freely.

“Don’t hold back, I want to hear you come. I want to hear you scream in my ear.”

“My window is open, someone might hear me.”

“So what?”

I quickly realized he was right. What difference did it make if a neighbor heard me? They would hear me getting the pleasure I wanted and craved so badly, even if it was just on the phone.

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