Seductive Signals

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When Kim agrees to let her cousin take her to a psychic, she thinks it’s just a ruse to get her mind off of her grief for an afternoon. Little does Kim know, she will make an otherworldly connection that heals the ache in her heart and reawakens the desires she thought were long buried.

Warning: Seductive Signals (32,000 words) contains silly psychics, romantic reminiscing, sensual second chances, and a phone that can wake the dead.


He opened my robe and stared at my naked body. The look on his face burned through me and made the desire in me scorch even hotter. He continued taking off my robe until it fell to the floor. He pressed his body, still wet, against mine. His arms were wrapped tightly around my waist as our mouths drifted instinctively toward each other. Our tongues started to sweetly dance in our mouths, and by the second, that dance became more passionate, more frenzied.

He turned our bodies around and pushed my back against the bed, with our mouths never separating for a second. I rested my hand on his cheek as we kissed, feeling his stubble against my fingers. All of my sensory memories were coming back as I experienced everything that I had longed for—his taste, his smell, the feeling of his skin against mine. I felt an overwhelming passion as my body became reacquainted with his, and I could tell he was feeling the same way, which made the experience even spicier.

When we eventually stopped our passionate kiss, he buried his head against my neck and started planting sweet pecks on every inch of it. His hips rotated against mine, and I could feel his erection growing against my skin. He used his knees to pry mine apart, and I obediently opened my legs and wrapped them around his waist. His cock rested against my slit and I braced myself for impact.

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