Hot Mic

If her favorite radio show host’s mic is hot, Sarah is at home feeling bothered. After endless months of conducting a steamy, intimate relationship on the phone, will she finally get to live out her fantasies when he comes to town for a public appearance?

Warning: Hot Mic (23,000 words) contains a flirtatious fandom, bold boudoir banter, and a purse full of pleasure.


Although we silently gazed at each other for a long time, it didn’t feel awkward, it felt comfortable, it felt right. My heart started to pound even more as I watched him begin to unbutton his shirt slowly, as if he was giving me a little strip tease. As each button was undone and a little bit more of his hot flesh was exposed, I felt a tingle inside that I hadn’t had in so long. The sight of him almost completely naked in front of me, finally, was more than I could have ever asked for.

When his shirt fell to the floor, he leaned over and started undressing me. I laid back and enjoyed the sight of him taking off my jeans and throwing them over his shoulder. He slipped his hands under each side of my panties and quickly slid them down my legs until they rested at my feet for a second before they were also thrown to the floor. Then he unbuttoned my top much the way he had done with his own—slowly, silently, seductively. I instinctively lifted my chest to help him as he worked on unclasping my bra. As my breasts spilled out, he admired them and started to rub them intently with his palms. My nipples began to get hard underneath his hands and he continued to massage them with a smile.

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