When the Cat’s Away… (Tales of Infidelity)

They’re loving and loyal—at least when he’s around. But when he’s not, the only thing they’re loyal to is their own insatiable desires.

This collection contains the following erotic stories:

What do you do when a unicorn comes to visit? You take it for a ride, of course—or at least you try to.

That’s exactly what Fiona thought when a 26-year-old virgin came to stay at her house for a couple of days. Sure Daniel was her son’s best friend, but how could she resist the urge to try to deflower him? The real question was, would he be able to resist her horny hospitality?

Warning: The Houseguest (9,000 words) contains kitchen foreplay, job interview oral, and a dose of titillating TLC.


I was flat on my back, legs spread, so if Daniel walked by, he would get a bird’s-eye view of my pussy. I circled my clit with my fingers, enjoying my wetness and aching for Daniel to put his strong hands all over me.

I continued to massage my moist clit for a few minutes, but there was no sign of him. I had to get his attention. I had to find a way to get him to watch me pleasuring myself. So, I knocked over a glass that was resting on my nightstand. I knew a gentleman like Daniel would be sure to see if anything was wrong—and do whatever he could to help. And right on cue, as soon as the glass shattered against the hardwood floor, I heard him get up from the bed in his room.

By the time he got to the doorway, I’d already slid two fingers inside my pussy and was furiously fucking myself. Our eyes locked. This time, I didn’t even bother pretending not to see him, and he certainly couldn’t pretend that he wasn’t watching. Neither of us spoke. I arched my back and continued digging my fingers deeper and deeper inside my dripping, wet hole. He looked mesmerized, as if he had never seen a woman pleasuring herself before. I glanced over at his crotch and saw a bulge slowly forming in his pants. As his cock got bigger and bigger underneath his clothes, I fucked myself faster and faster. I let out a loud moan when I came. Daniel walked away, and I curled my body into a ball on the bed. Part of me wondered if I had gone too far. But since we were clearly both enjoying it, I wanted to go all the way.

When Jeannie and her husband buy a house in the country, they can’t wait to fulfill their lifelong dream of opening a bed and breakfast. But as she prepares to launch her new business, she finds herself seduced by a paranormal entity dedicated to delivering sexual pleasures beyond her wildest fantasies. Confused and somewhat afraid, Jeannie is torn between wanting the entity out of her home and craving more orgasmic encounters with her ghost lover.

Warning: Supernatural Seductions (13,000 words) contains seductions from a hot and horny ghost soldier, a paranormal ménage à trois, anal sex in the shower, a thwarted paranormal investigation, and a brief art history lesson.


I was half asleep, and I felt a little tickle on my toes. I was lying on my back, and I opened one of my eyes to see if I could get a glimpse of whether or not this thing was real. But there wasn’t anything there, and yet I felt fingers playing in between each of my toes.

I closed my eyes and smiled. I just wanted to enjoy the moment, and not worry so much about what was there. I felt my legs being caressed gently. Fingers danced up and down both of my legs at the same time. I was at peace and my whole body tingled. I wanted more of this—a whole lot more.

And boy oh boy, did I get it that night.

I felt my legs gently being pried apart and sensations dancing up and down my inner thighs. I moaned. That’s when I heard it again. It was that voice—as plain as day and as surely as I’m talking to you right now—and it said “I want you. I really want you.” It was a low, male voice. I shook my head a little bit in disbelief. I could explain away the feelings, just brush them off as my imagination. But hearing this voice again? I couldn’t explain that.

The voice slowly repeated its demands: “I. Want. You.”

I guess I should’ve been scared out of my mind at that point, but in that moment, nothing else mattered but the warm feelings I had. I arched my back and looked at my nipples as they perked up, longing to have someone pinch them, suck them, knead them between horny fingertips. That was my way of saying yes. Whoever you are or whatever you are, I don’t care right now. I just want you to take me. I just want you to do to me what you want to do to me.

I sighed and enjoyed the imaginary fingers that slowly caressed my inner thighs. I tilted my head back against my pillow and moaned softly. Then I felt the fingers opening up my pussy lips, exposing me to the still and nippy air in the room. I felt like a Georgia O’Keeffe flower blooming, opening, blossoming in the ecstasy of that exquisite touch. I was wide open for a finger circling the tip of my clit, slowly rubbing me clockwise, and then counterclockwise. I gulped. I couldn’t believe what was happening. This was like masturbation on steroids. My vibrators and dildos could do a lot, but they couldn’t arouse me quite like this.

Alicia had the fantasy all the time: She orders a pizza and embarrassingly realizes she doesn’t have any cash to pay the delivery man. But then she gets an idea—she’ll pay him in yummy sexual trade. The pizza man can’t believe his luck and their encounter heats up while her pizza cools down.

With her husband out of town, Alicia decides to finally enjoy a special delivery from the man who has a reputation around town for bringing something extra with his pies. But little does she know, this pizza man wants more than just a delicious quickie.

 Gratuities (8,700 words) contains awkward oral, bubble bath foot worship, and high caloric naughtiness.


I couldn’t hide my arousal. “Is everything all right?” my husband asked me, as Stephen continued caressing my legs. “You sound flustered. Are you feeling well?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just a little bit tired. I don’t want to keep you, so maybe I should let you get back to work.”

The next thing Andrew said would usually make me incredibly happy, but in this case, it was the exact right thing to say at the exact wrong moment.

“No, I have plenty of time. And I wanted to hear your voice. I felt bad that I didn’t get to come home before I left.”

“That’s really sweet of….”

All of a sudden, Stephen opened my legs wide and buried his face in my pussy, licking my folds as if his tongue was mining for hidden sexual treasures.

“Honey, I have to go to the bathroom real quick. Hold on a sec,” I gasped and tried to hide my exquisite discomfort.

I put my hand over the phone and moved it as far away from my body as I could. I leaned over and watched Stephen fucking me with his tongue.

“What are you doing?” I whispered breathlessly. “At least wait until I’m off the phone.”

He lifted his head up from the work he was doing between my legs just long enough to say, “I’m taking care of you. You know you love it. You should enjoy it.”

“I would enjoy it a little bit more if my husband wasn’t on the phone.”

“Then hang up.”

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