When the Cat’s Away… (Tales of Infidelity II)

Love and loyalty are nice, but when the cat’s away, they won’t keep these ladies warm at night.

This collection contains the following erotic stories:

If you have a wandering eye, be careful. That attractive woman coming on to you at the bar may not be a testament to your animal magnetism: It may be Lizzie, the sex decoy, out on the prowl to catch cheaters with their pants down. And when Lizzie goes on assignment, no man is immune to her seductive charms.

WarningThe Decoy (9,000 words) contains television titillation, parking lot exhibitionism, and hot hotel subterfuge.


I sat on the hood of my car, looking around to make sure Dennis had a clear shot of the upcoming action before I made my move. I pulled Raymond closer to me, hoping the angle was good enough for his face to be seen in the photos. I put my arms around him, and when I heard Dennis honk his horn, I started the show.

“I’ve been so lonely,” I whispered in his ear. “It’s been so long since I was really touched by a man.”

“Oh, honey, any man who wouldn’t want you in his arms every night is just a fool.”

I kissed Raymond’s neck. He responded by firmly planting his hands on each of my ass cheeks and beginning to squeeze. I wiggled closer to him, feeling his erection grow. I had to admit, it was a turn on. If his wife had paid for the extra services, would I have gone through with it? I wasn’t so sure. Luckily I didn’t have to worry about it. That was a question for another day, another client, another cheating scumbag.

Sutter Avenue Paranormal Society (SAPS) have the opportunity to talk to a high-powered television executive about starring in a reality show. When he takes a special interest in Lauren, will she impress him with her psychic abilities—or does he want something much more carnal from her?

Warning: A Humping in Connecticut (13,000 words) contains naughty negotiations, steamy messages, and reconciliation woes.


I pushed him down on the couch and started kissing him.

He enthusiastically responded, his tongue doing somersaults in my mouth as he diligently tried to unzip. He forcefully moved our bodies until we had traded places and I was flat on my back watching him take off his pants. Then he removed his underwear, which he waved around like a bullfighter provoking its nemesis.

I couldn’t help but start laughing. That was one of the stupid annoyances about Ethan that I had come to miss.

“What?” he said as he pulled off my jeans and spread my legs wide open. “I thought you loved my toreador move!”

Before I could answer him, my panties were on top of the heap of clothes next to us, and his mouth was firmly pressed against my pussy, suctioning my juices like some kind of sexual vacuum cleaner.

“I like this move better,” I moaned, rubbing my fingers through his hair as he sucked on my clit.

He mumbled something from between my legs, but I couldn’t make out what he said. I really didn’t care what he said. He slowly ran his tongue up and down my bud, and it felt like she was being woken up from the dead. It had been so long since Ethan and I had been together, I didn’t even care that we didn’t make it to the bedroom. And I didn’t care that the windows were wide open, and anybody walking by on the street could have seen us.

He didn’t care either. He licked up and down my slit like a lollipop, lapping up my juices and slurping and moaning between my thighs.

“Lauren, you taste so good,” he said. I wiggled my hips so I could feel more of him as he stuck his tongue inside of my pussy walls. He drove his tongue deep in and out of me, not forgetting to massage my clit. My heart raced and moans just fell out of my mouth, some just a whimper, others a roar. I continued stroking his hair, watching his overactive thumb whip my clit into an absolute erotic frenzy.

He inhaled my pussy juices one last time and moved his body upwards, revealing his glorious hard on.

When Kristen finds herself alone on Valentine’s Day, she has two bad options—stay at home alone or tag along on a friend’s date. She decides to choose Door Number Three: going to a pub for some basketball and beer. But when she proposes a bold bar bet, will she go home with a fistful of cash…or have to settle the score in the most erotic of ways?

Warning: Last Call (7,100 words) contains ill-advised trash talk, lusty logistics, and an awkward reunion.


I leaned over toward him, lips pursed, intending for nothing but a brief kiss, the kind I would give a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in a long time. But he had other ideas. I probably should’ve seen it coming. He held the back of my head, and swiftly pulled my mouth toward his, opening it up with his tongue, which quickly darted to its destination in my cheeks. Aside from the initial awkwardness, he was a good kisser. I reluctantly opened my mouth wider, letting my tongue join with his. I could hear catcalls from his buddies, which encouraged him that much more. The next thing I knew, I had been lifted off my barstool, and my body was pressed against this stranger. He started to rub his hands up and down my back, and the feedback from the corner got even louder. I became lost in that moment, so as his hands eventually cupped each cheek of my ass, my hands did some exploration of their own, traveling south until they rested on the crotch of his jeans. There was already some activity going on. Although I expected to feel something, it jolted me back to reality. I had done too much.

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