Oil heiress Elle Anderton has been testing her boyfriend with kinky love games to prove that he’s not after her family’s billions. And as time wears on, the test takes them both to sexual places they’ve never gone before and some of their strangest fantasies become reality.

Warning: Unusual. (8,600 words) contains erotic medical examinations, masturbation exploration, and plastic hotel hanky panky. This story is the second installation of The Billionaire Bitch Trilogy.


Darren put his hands underneath my pajama top and started playing with my tits. His determined touch made me want his hard cock driving inside of me, pounding me up against the tree. I braced myself for the feeling of his hardness in my pussy, and he started rubbing his cock back and forth against my clit over and over again. I was enjoying it, though not nearly as much as he was. I longed for him to be inside of me, but he seemed hell-bent on denying me that pleasure. I figured it was a little bit of tit-for-tat for all those times I refused to let him stroke his cock—like when he was watching me fuck my piece-of-shit ex-boyfriend.

He continued thrusting and teasing my clit, so I closed my eyes to enjoy it. But I still wanted more. There I was in the middle of the night, half naked and pinned to a tree, and I couldn’t wait for him to drive his hard on inside of my wet, aching pussy.

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