Although billionaire oil heiress Elle Anderton has become engaged to Darren, she still feels compelled to put him to the ultimate love test to prove he’s not interested in her fortune. But as their sexual power struggle continues, the tables of control keep on turning until they’re both satisfied they belong together.

Warning: Punishment. (12,400 words) contains temperature teasing, feather dusting, diamond mining, and a pretending professional. This story is the third installation of The Billionaire Bitch Trilogy.


“I’m not going to use the safeword, I’m not going to use the safeword, I’m not going to use the safeword,” I kept telling myself. I clenched my teeth and squeezed my eyes tight. Although I had no idea what the action next to me actually looked like, the picture my mind’s eye painted was clear, explicit…and disgusting. I felt water collect in the top of my lids, but I squeezed my eyes tighter to contain it. The last thing in the world I wanted was for Trisha to know that she was breaking my heart again. She may get the satisfaction of having my man for the night, but she wasn’t going to get the satisfaction of seeing me upset about it.

I could feel the enthusiasm next to me. The bed bounced and I imagined body parts everywhere. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, my own body even started to betray me during the episode. I begrudgingly began to enjoy the sounds around me, feeling my pussy getting wet again, and my nipples perking back up. And my arousal mode made what I heard next sound even worse.

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