Through the Doorway of Desire

Although most people believe 28 Riverhill Road is the keeper of not-so-buried secrets they’d just as soon forget, for Clarissa, the old house represents an opportunity for a new life.

That is, until the macabre obsessions set in. When she’s not trying to unearth the mysteries of the house, she’s stoking the flames of a sexual obsession with a notorious serial killer that’s been dominating the news. And when these fixations collide, she’s introduced to a passion unlike anything she’s ever known. Clarissa may be enjoying herself now, but will her ecstasy ultimately lead to agony?

Warning: Through the Doorway of Desire (41,400 words) contains legal lust, seance chicanery, and convertible coitus.


We stared into each other’s eyes. Our hips were thrusting in unison. We were so connected, all of our movements were like a mirror into each other’s soul. I slid him in and out of my pussy, watching the pleasure increase on his face. I started to pick up speed because I was so desperate to come, so desperate to make him come. I knew he had been with a lot of women before me, but I wanted to be the best of them all. I wanted his cock to forget everyone else and only come for me.

“Clarissa, there’s no hurry,” he moaned. He grabbed my hips and guided me the way he wanted me. I slowed down with his direction, gradually moving my pussy up and down each inch of his shaft, then back up again. I slid my hot box up and down his hard on at a snail’s pace and he looked pleased.

“Isn’t that better?” he whispered.

“Yes,” I gasped. I’d never agreed with anyone more. When he was satisfied that I would follow his directions, he took his hands off my hips and slid them up my shirt. He tenderly massaged my breasts through my bra at first and then slipped his hands underneath it. As I continued to ride his hard on with achingly slow precision, he played with my tingling hard nipples.

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