The Entry to Ecstasy

Despite its dubious reputation, Charlotte falls in love with 28 Riverhill Road and believes buying the old house will bring excitement into her life—and help revitalize a relationship that has long gone stale.

And she does find the excitement she’s looking for when the peculiar house introduces her to an alternate life filled with the love and sexual intensity she’s been craving. As she straddles the edge of fantasy and reality, Charlotte eventually finds herself being forced to make an impossible choice.

Warning: The Entry to Ecstasy (25,700 words) contains sensual scents, mysterious missives, and a passionate parallel plane.


“Maybe I should just go back to bed and get warm for a little bit,” I thought. I tried to move toward the bed, but I was still frozen in place. Although it was a little uncomfortable, I wasn’t particularly bothered by it. I just stood there for a minute and felt the cold air surround my body and enjoyed the smell of sexy cologne.

When I finally felt like the weird spell had been broken, I tried to move again, but this time my body was pushed up against the wall. My heart started to race, but I wasn’t afraid. The tingling sensation of hands once again took hold of me. I felt my breasts being rubbed and kneaded underneath strong, imaginary hands. I looked down and I could have sworn I saw my tits moving with the rhythm of each sensation.

I stood there, uncertain and aroused as what felt like a mouth sucked on each of my hard, cold nipples, warming them up and making them tingle with delight. I even felt slight nibbling against my stimulated breasts. I didn’t know what was happening to me—Was my imagination running wild? Was this something otherworldly?—but I didn’t have the wherewithal to question it. And I didn’t have the strength to leave. It just felt too damned good for me to move or care about the real source of my intense pleasure.

As I enjoyed my nipples being sucked harder and harder, a hand seemed to come through the wall and slide between my legs, as if it wanted to finish what it started earlier. I felt my thighs being separated as a finger pushed inside of me. I wanted to move my body in time with the deep penetration of the fingers, but something wouldn’t let me. Again I was frozen and completely under its control. That was fine with me; I wanted to be under its control.

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