The Performance

Mark’s erotic talents have always been a crowd pleaser at the sex club, but when Maggie sees a casting call for porn performers, she thinks it’s time for him to take his act to the next level. Will he impress the casting agent with his extraordinary wares? They don’t know, but they will go to the heights of erotic pleasures to find out.

Warning: The Performance (8,600 words) contains audition style dysfunction, group syncopation, and erotic redemption.


I didn’t want to be disrespectful, but I had to convince her to give us a chance. There was no way we could leave without Danielle seeing something that would surely set us apart from everyone else. As if on cue, Mark quickly dropped his jeans to show off the bulging, throbbing tool that looked like it was dying to be set free. And when he did set it free, Danielle stopped in her tracks, clearly enjoying the view. He stared into her eyes as he stroked himself.

I was so pleased. She couldn’t take her eyes off of Mark’s crotch, and was clearly hypnotized by what he was packing. Her chest started to heave up and down, and seeing that she was clearly getting aroused made me want to do cartwheels. If we could turn on the recruiter, a porn professional, imagine what we could do to horny people watching us at home?

Mark swung his hard on back and forth like a huge, fleshy pocket watch, using both hands to grip his massive shaft. Danielle stared at him with desire. We were the only people in the world, and with every ticking second, she seemed to forget how busy she was, and how many other people she needed to see that day. And when Mark spread his legs a little bit more, allowing his cock to stand straight up in the air, I knew she would have no choice but to change her mind about us.

“See, Mark has many talents,” I said. Danielle didn’t respond. She couldn’t respond. All she could do was enjoy the show. I knew that we would be seeing our names on a porn DVD in no time.

I spent the next few minutes creating porn names for us until Danielle finally spoke to me again.

“He’s not going to leave skid marks on my couch, is he?”

“Oh, no, he’s very clean,” I giggled. I was over the moon. Mark had her full attention, and he hadn’t even gotten to the best part of the show yet. I gleefully watched her eyes light up in aroused disbelief as Mark swallowed his cock whole and started bobbing up and down along his thick, bulging, eager shaft.

“What the—”

“Isn’t he wonderful?” I replied, beaming with nothing but pride for my talented man.

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