The Matinee

He sounded like the stuff of urban legend…he couldn’t possibly be real. At least that’s what Polly thought—at first. When she saw Mark’s show and his substantial endowments, she became a believer. And when she got a sampling of his public sexual acrobatics one afternoon, she became his number one fan.

Warning: The Matinee (7,000 words) contains anatomical impossibilities, parking lot posturing, and hallway humps.


As I got closer to the car, I noticed that the man was not only shirtless, he was completely naked. And then I realized it was him—Mark, the performer from the show. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Being naked at a sex club is one thing, but masturbating in a mall parking lot seemed like a bit much even for the most hardcore of exhibitionists.

“God, this guy really has no shame,” I thought as I carefully watched him stroke himself again. I tried to look like I was doing something else, so I opened my purse and started fiddling around. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of him, and I was in shock that he was doing it so publicly during the day. It was so brazen…and hot.

But I was happy he had no shame. As he stroked his long, bulging member, I got more and more aroused by the second. I was wondering if he was going to do the whole autofellatio thing right there in his car, but I heard footsteps walking toward me and I didn’t stay to find out. The last thing I needed was mall security catching me watching Mark, so I bolted away as fast as I could while still imagining what I was missing.

When I got a safe distance from the car, I turned around to see if I could catch a peek at him. I couldn’t see him, but I did notice a woman standing in the exact same spot where I was, riffling through her purse. I could only assume that whatever Mark was doing, she was secretly enjoying it as she pretended to look for her car keys.

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