The Headhunter

After getting fired from her cushy human resources job, Danielle is thrilled to get a hot lead on a new position—recruiting for an adult film company. But when she’s confronted with such yummy talent, will she be able to keep things professional…or will she end up casting on her couch?

Warning: The Headhunter (11,600 words) contains desktop diddling, hot hired help, and an office freak show.


“I see Rod has taken good care of you.”

I nodded. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks as I thought about his ass cheeks. “Yes. He’s been very hospitable.”

“Not to mention hot,” Didi said. She grabbed a small, golden bell from the edge of the glass coffee table and rang it twice. Within seconds, Rod was standing in front of us, asking what we needed and how we needed it. She had clearly trained him well.

“Rod, would you be a darling and get me a glass of champagne? And bring in a cheese plate. I’m famished right now.”

“Of course Miss Didi,” Rod said obediently. Then he looked over at me solicitously. “Is there anything else you need, Danielle?”

“Why don’t you get her a refill?” Didi jumped in before I had gotten a chance to say that I was fine. She was a take charge kind of woman—much stronger than I had ever been. But yet, she didn’t come across as bossy or bitchy or any of those other names people like to call strong women who know what they want. She seemed like the type of woman who could boss you around and not only would you comply, you’d love it.

“Oh, and before you go, Rod, would you mind showing her?”

I was puzzled. “Showing me…what?”

Didi didn’t even bother to answer because Rod had already lifted up his apron and exposed a cock that was so long it probably reached his knees. If that was what he looked like flaccid, I couldn’t even imagine what his erection would look like…or what it could do to me.

I didn’t say anything. I just kind of stared at it…and then tried not to look like I was staring at it. Didi looked pleased, Rod looked complacent, but I imagine I looked like an uncomfortable, sweaty mess. If this was her tactic to catch me off guard during the interview, it definitely worked. This was more jarring than any tricky job interview question I’d ever asked a candidate.

“Okay, that’s enough. You may go now,” Didi instructed. As if nothing had happened and this was the most normal thing in the world, he pulled the apron down, turned around, and walked away.

I was gobsmacked. I had no idea what to say after seeing something like that in a job interview. Or anywhere else for that matter. I guess being in the porn industry does have its privileges.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Danielle,” Didi said reassuringly and put her hand on my arm. “I just wanted to get you accustomed to the environment you’d be working in.”

“Oh,” was all that I could push out of my mouth. The next glass of champagne couldn’t come fast enough as far as I was concerned.

“And, let’s face it…I don’t call him Rod for nothing. Hard help is definitely good to find.”

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