Running Cold and Hot

When her boss summoned her that morning, Angela was convinced she was about to be fired from her job at the frozen food company. After all, she did have steamy sex with an executive in the industrial freezer. But she is pleasantly surprised that the chilly coitus earned her a promotion—and the promise of more white hot encounters.

Warning: Running Cold and Hot (6,000 words) contains undercover oral, a tattletale bartender, and two proud birds in a cockfight for attention.


When I came back from lunch that day, I went to sit down and, as I tried to roll my chair toward my desk, I found David sitting on the floor waiting for me.

I looked down at him and laughed. “What on earth are you doing under the desk? You’re going to get yourself all dirty down there.”

“That’s why I’m here…to get dirty,” he said. He reached his hands up my legs and tugged at my panties. When they were down to my ankles, he lifted up my skirt and moved his face into my crotch. I held on to his head, and he started hungrily nibbling on my clit as if it was something he ordered for lunch. The sight of him doing that turned me on immediately, and I could feel my pussy juices slowly trickle out of me. I removed my hands from his head, opened up my blouse, stuck my hand down my bra, and started massaging my nipples. David continued devouring my pussy with his tongue, sticking it in and out of me. He looked so hot on all fours, and watching him put me in a state of euphoria.

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