The Bare Witch Project

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Sutter Avenue Paranormal Society (SAPS) are lost in the middle of nowhere until Andrew feels an uncontrollable urge to canoodle with a strange, naked woman in a pond. The encounter leads the group to a new client who needs their help breaking a spell that has left her lonely and sexless for years.

Warning: The Bare Witch Project (6,600 words) contains closet coitus, navigation interruptus, and bewitching revenge.


Whatever I felt, he felt it too. He wasted no time pushing me up against the wall, unbuttoning my jeans and sliding his hand inside. He rested his fingers on my panties, and started massaging my already hot clit. I could feel his heart pounding out of his chest in unison with mine. As he worked on me downstairs, I pushed my lips firmly against his, desperately kissing him, mining for his tongue and pressing his chest as close to mine as I could get it.

He slid my panties down and put two fingers inside of me, diligently searching for my G-spot. He found it, in a big way, and by the time I started to feel my pussy practically explode, he replaced his fingers with his hard shaft, and started pumping me wildly against the wall. All the while, we continued devouring each other’s lips, as if we were somehow making up for skipping breakfast that day.

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