Alexandra plays hooky from work in the hopes of getting a little nookie from her plumber. And when this hot handyman pleasures her, it’s not just the bathroom pipes that are going to spring a leak.

Warning: Licking (5,500 words) contains analingus interruptus, tongue bathing, and sickly performances.


Ryan grabbed the towel and then unceremoniously let it fall to the floor in front of him.

“I don’t need that,” he said, moving toward me. Although our bodies weren’t touching yet, I could feel the heat radiating from him, and my pussy juices started to trickle between my legs in anticipation of what he might do.

“You don’t?” I asked nervously, still not knowing if he was fully on board with my program.

“No,” he said, crouching down in front of my wet legs. “I have my own way of drying off wet bodies.”

“Oh real—”

Before I could fully get the word out of my mouth, Ryan was licking the water off my legs. I jumped with surprise and laughed as his taste buds tickled my smooth, wet skin.

“Oh, this is how you do it?” I giggled, looking down at him as he slowly ran his tongue up and down my legs, not so much drying me off as replacing the shower’s water with his own. I rested my hand on top of his head and ran my fingers through his hair. “That’s different,” I said as his hot breath heated me up.

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