Although Paula loves her job at the perfume counter of the department store, she just can’t make ends meet. When her best friend makes a business proposition that she can’t refuse, Paula learns there’s much more to the love of fragrance than she ever imagined.

Warning: Inhaling (5,700 words) contains knowing noses, sexual sniffing, panty passion, and crimson cravings.


By the end of the week, I realized Doreen was right. The more orders I did, the more I became turned on by the thought of these men experiencing me in ways no man had experienced me before. I never dated a man with a panty fetish—at least, not that I knew of. I fantasized about my exes rummaging through my hamper and then holding up my soiled panties to their face to breathe me in deeply.

I was getting so turned on by the idea of men with my panties that I decided to give my customer a little something extra that night. I was lying on my back, with my eyes shut tight, imagining someone out there enjoying me. I unbuttoned my nightshirt and began stroking my already hard nipples. I ground my ass into the bed while worshipping my tits with one hand and letting the other wander down to the top of my frilly, white panties. I furiously rubbed my clit through the panties, feeling my wetness soak to my fingertips. I thought about how much it would turn the client on to smell my sweet juices, and I wondered if he would stroke his hard, long cock with my wet panties, thinking about pounding my pussy until he came.

A quick, intense jolt of pleasure rushed through my body as I rubbed my clit one last time. I rolled over and fell asleep with the satisfaction of knowing that someone out there was in for a treat when his mail arrived.

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