Supernatural Seductions IV

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Serena needs to understand why she’s been having erotic dreams about a long-lost ex—a fallen soldier who died years ago. After seeking guidance from a therapist, a friend, and even a psychic, she feels an overpowering need to look for answers at a country bed and breakfast. During her visit, Serena taps into her unresolved feelings and sexual desires, giving her the closure that she desperately needs.

Warning: Supernatural Seductions IV (6,000 words) contains an awkward attempt at anal sex, doggy style on a desk, penetration in a pool, and a healthy dose of psychic skepticism.


I flipped over the picture of the smiling, middle-aged couple, as a gesture of respect to make up for the disrespect I was thick in the middle of. I was bent over his father’s desk, afraid that the professor would walk into the office at any minute. Jesse promised me that his father wasn’t teaching that day—but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to work that day.

As Jesse rammed his cock into my pussy from behind, my tits bounced back and forth against the desk. I wondered if he had done this with other girls. He was so good at it that I didn’t give a fuck. I moved my body down a little bit more, placed my cheek on some graded papers, and wondered if the sea of red ink could seep into my skin somehow. Clearly the students weren’t doing so well this semester.

Jesse swiveled his hips and entered me deeply, so I could feel every inch of his thick, long shaft. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his throbbing hardness tickling my pussy walls with each hard thrust.

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