Para-Sexual Activity

Hope of Sutter Avenue Paranormal Society (SAPS) is getting increasingly obsessed with seducing Jason, a hot TV producer, and pitching her idea for a paranormal reality show. When her date with him is interrupted by an urgent supernatural matter, will she get her chance to convince him on both counts?

Warning: Para-Sexual Activity (9,300 words) contains groin gratuities, sexual spirituality, and a Pandora’s box of desire.


I pulled $20 out of my purse and slid it over to him on the table. Then, I moved my chair back, got on my knees, and positioned myself between Garrett’s legs. I unzipped his pants as he worked on the button. He wiggled his legs until his pants and tighty whities had fallen down to his shoes. I was surprised he wasn’t already hard for me—we’d done this song and dance so many times, it wasn’t like it could possibly have been a surprise. I took his cock in my hands and started working him, yanking it up and down until some signs of life began to emerge. I tilted my head to the side and planted my mouth on his balls, licking and sucking them as I felt his cock get firm in my palm. He rested one of his hands on his leg, and started to squeeze the more turned on he became.

I pumped his cock up and down in my hand, getting turned on by how stiff it was becoming. That is one of my favorite parts of sex—watching a man’s physiological response go from 0 to 100 underneath the heat of my touch. I began to see his chest rise and fall, and my breathing got heavier in response. In fact, I was starting to get so turned on that my ass began to twitch—at least that’s what I initially thought. It turned out to be my phone vibrating in my hip pocket, and I took a second to consider whether or not I should check it. I mean, as much as I was into what was going on with Garrett, I was still waiting for a call from Jason.

I considered the etiquette here: Would a man who is about to get a blow job get offended if the person giving said blow job took a call from another man right before she started sucking his cock?

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