The Amityville Whore

Sutter Avenue Paranormal Society (SAPS) get the green light to film a television pilot, so they head to Long Island to investigate the most infamous haunted house in the world. But exactly what will they find lurking in Amityville after all these years? A horror...a hoax...or a horndog?

Warning: The Amityville Whore (5,700 words) contains lusty levitations, ghostly grabbing, and sexual stupidity.


We kissed for a time, and before I knew it, he had thrown me on the floor and was quickly unbuttoning my blouse and then my jeans. A current of excitement went through me every time one of his fingers hit my flesh as he took my clothes off. Without hesitation, he pulled my panties down and threw them across the room. He spread my legs wide and buried his face in my anxious pussy.

"I really missed you when you were out of town," I moaned as I felt his tongue slowly travel up and down my clit, getting her wet, making her purr with the delight of his attention.

He darted his head up for a second, just to say, "I really missed you when you were out of town."