Get stroked! It's free!

I’ve met a lot of massage therapists and they all say the same thing: During a massage, more often than not, male clients will eventually get aroused (and probably a lot of the women do too, it’s just harder to detect). Most of the time, it doesn’t mean a thing—just a physiological response to being touched in such a pleasurable way.

On the other hand, I’ve also spoken to men who claim their massage therapists will give them a little something extra when they get interested in this physiological response. And these were legitimate, licensed massage therapists—not employees at massage parlors. So of course, these are the types of massage therapists that intrigued me enough to write Stroking.

I have a natural fascination with sex at work, so when Claire the massage therapist captured my imagination, I wanted to explore if and when she’d give in to the temptation of all the hard ons on her massage table. And of course, she eventually does—with surprising results.

Want to find out how Claire got over her inhibitions and fear of being seen as a prostitute by her clients? You can now download Stroking for free at the following links: 

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