Horny Holidays (The Halloween Edition)

These ladies love October 31, and when they go out on the prowl for some horny holiday fun, their sexual tricks lead to hot, Halloween treats.

This collection contains the following erotic stories:

As a long-time hotel worker, Jennifer is no stranger to sexual encounters on the job. But when she hooks up with an executive at a confectioners’ conference during Halloween weekend, she finds that hotel lust is not just hot—it’s sweet.

Warning: Strangers With Candy (9,400 words) contains rooftop rendezvous, elevator exhibitionism and sweet, one-night delights.


As the elevator flung open, Phillip grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the sliding doors. He led me down the hall to his office, where I coyly stalled at the door, pretending I didn't know what we were doing there.

"Did we move the meeting location, Phillip?" I asked him.

"No, Jennifer," he said as he pulled me inside and locked the door behind us. "I'm calling a quick meeting right now. Just the two of us."

Before I could even tell him I was game for it, he started unbuttoning my blouse, exposing my hard nipples that were still poking through the thin fabric of my bra. He grabbed my tits and squeezed them in the palms of his hands, working my nipples with his thumbs. He pushed me up against the nearest wall and took one of my nipples in his hot, ravenous mouth, resting his teeth on it. He reached his hand up under my skirt and grabbed my pussy through my panties, which were already drenched from watching the elevator sex show. As he insatiably devoured my nipples, he hiked my skirt up to my belly, and moved my panties just enough to stick one of his fingers inside me.

"I see you liked that couple as much as I did," he muttered as he plunged two more fingers into my wetness.

"I did," I whispered, closing my eyes and enjoying him ravaging my hot spots. "I didn't really think you noticed."

"You couldn't see how hard I was in the meeting? I know you were looking down there."

"Bad lighting," I moaned, swiveling my hips back and forth between the wall and Phillip's hand.

Phillip yanked his fingers out of my hole, and directed me to his desk. His drenched hand swiped a stack of paperwork onto the floor as he pushed my back against the mahogany wood. He got on his knees in front of me, spread my legs, and spent a moment admiring my fuckable folds.

"Did you see them?" he asked me. "Did you see him sucking on her pussy like that?"

"Yeah," I panted.

"Good," he said. "Because I'm about to do the same thing to you."


Cynthia met her husband during a drunken Halloween hook up—and she's been in love with the holiday ever since. She's always found ways to spice up her marriage on October 31, but when masks are added to the sexual equation, her desires soar to a new level of chills and thrills.

Warning: Masquerade (12,200 words) contains frat party fumblings, self-served oral, shower nozzle nookie, and furry bathroom fantasies.


He started staring at me: The look on his face was a weird mixture of arousal and angst. It finally dawned on me that Robert was getting jealous and the experience wasn't at all what he thought it would be.

But still, he nodded, letting me know he wanted me to enjoy myself—even if he wasn't.

"It's okay," he mouthed at me.

I closed my eyes, feeling Mark's cock pushing in and out of me, deeper and deeper with every thrust. His hands rested on my stomach, and then traveled up to my bouncing tits. He squeezed them and pushed his hips upward into my crotch. I started to feel the damp sweat that covered his legs. The room smelled like sex, sex, and more sex. I heard slapping bodies next to me, and Maggie screaming in ecstasy. Robert let out a moan—though not quite the moan I've gotten to know so well in our years together—alerting the entire room that he had just come inside of a strange woman's cunt.

Maggie collapsed on the bed and rolled around onto her back. Robert sat down next to her, zipped up his pants, and continued watching us. All eyes seemed to be on us. I wildly bounced up and down on Mark's long shaft, wanting to give everyone a good show. He grabbed my tits tightly, squeezing them as if he was inspecting melons at the supermarket. Then he pulled his torso upward, which made his cock fill me up even more. I felt his hot breath against my face, and as he started nibbling on my neck, he reached around to push my cunt down against his throbbing dick. I felt his stubble against my face, and he wrestled his head toward my mouth. Mark kissed me deeply and it felt like he was trying to put out a fire inside my cheeks. Our tongues fought in our mouths, and I enjoyed the taste of him and the drinks he had. I glanced over at Robert staring at us and rubbing his cock through his pants, which turned me on even more. I moaned inside of Mark's mouth, as one last thrust did me in and sent me over the edge. I shook and shuddered in his arms, and the pleasure cut through me like a lightning bolt.  

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