Kiki Wellington's Erotic Stories

Single Erotic Stories

Christmas Wood
Double Dipping
Last Call
Running Cold and Hot
Running Hot and Cold
Secret Santa
Strangers With Candy
The Debriefing
The Decoy
The Double
The Headhunter
The Houseguest

Erotic Series

The Billionaire Bitch Trilogy
Cruel and Unusual Punishment (The Complete Billionaire Bitch Trilogy)

The Haunted Desperation Series
The Sexorcist
The Bare Witch Project
Para-Sexual Activity
Night of the Living Bed
A Humping in Connecticut
The Amityville Whore
Haunted Desperation (The Complete Series)

The Phone Chronicles Series
Seductive Signals
Hot Mic
Release Date
The Late Shift
By Misadventure
Booker Nights
Captivating Connections
The Phone Chronicles (The Complete Series)

The Portal Series
On the Other Side of Lust
Through the Doorway of Desire
The Entry to Ecstasy
The Portal (The Complete Series)

The Sensing Lust Series
Sensing Lust (The Complete Series)

The Show Series
The Show
The Matinee
The Performance
The Curtain Call (The Complete Show Series)

The Supernatural Seductions Series
Supernatural Seductions
Supernatural Seductions II
Supernatural Seductions III
Supernatural Seductions IV
Paranormal Desires (Supernatural Seductions I-IV)

Erotic Compilations

Fifty Shades of Green: Doing It for the Money
Fifty Shades of Green II: Paying for It
Horny Holidays (The Christmas Edition)
Horny Holidays (The Valentine's Day Edition)
Stories of Id
The Deep Freeze
When the Cat's Away... (Tales of Infidelity)
When the Cat's Away... (Tales of Infidelity II)